KIAN FAN insutrial group is an Iranian designer and leader manufacturer of air duct systems in Iran. Ever since the company was founded in 1982, there has been maximum focus on quality and precision. We offer a complete line of ductwork for commercial and industrial applications.


We have a variety of products to meet your needs including but not limited to spiral pipe and fittings, rectangular duct and fittings, flexible hoses, dampers and ball jet diffusers. Our products are engineered and built to meet all standard specifications and you can expect quality and on-time delivery. Our commitment to you, is the future of this company


Duct Fittings


Rectangular Duct

 Advantages of  Rectangular Duct

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Spiral Ducts


Advantages of  Spiral Duct

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دریچه های کروی

دریچه های کروی قابل تنظیم هوا ( Ball Nozzle ) جریان هوا را با سرعت بالا تا مسافت قابل توجهی پخش می کنند و در جهت های مختلف به راحتی و به صورت دستی قابل تنظیم هستند. در این دریچه ها پخش کننده هوا به شکل شیپوره ای است که داخل یک قطعه کروی قرار گرفته و می تواند حول خط محوری در هر جهت تا °30 دوران کند. در نتیجه جریان هوا را به جهت دلخواه هدایت خواهد کرد.

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Ball Jet Diffusers

Advantages of  Ball Jet Diffuser

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Motorized & Manual Dampers


Motorized dampers are available from diameter 10 to 30 cm and Manual dampers from diameter 10 to 60 cm

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